Established in the year 1993 by Mr. B Kamalbabu, a technocrat and entrepreneur who raised Mikrotek as one of the top manufacturers of wiredrawing dies and die polishing equipment in the world.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Mikrotek has moved an edge forward to supply dies which exceeds customers’ expectations thus its name has become synonymous to the art of die making and die technology.

The company’s main aim is to produce quality products according to the customer’s requirement and to be a leader in providing unenduring services to the customer.

Mikrotek is a modern company with its plant housing state-of-the- art machines that perform well designed intricate processes that amaze the world and delights the customers. Today Mikrotek is a world renowned company known for its transparency in dealings and reliability in producing quality precision drawing dies.

The Company is closely working for and will produce an array of sophisticated products to every nook and corner in India and important nations of the world.

Our Objectives

 To become a visionary company.
 To create wealth for the company & the people associated with.
 To be one of the Top 10 identified product manufacturers in the World.
 To produce customer friendly, quality products.
 To continuously improve the life standards of the employees.

Trust, Quality, Assured deliveries and right choice of diamond are the key factors which has made Mikrotek globally competitive.

Passionate as we are about precision, we use genuine diamonds and raw materials for manufacturing Natural Diamond, Mono and Polycrystalline Diamond dies.

We practice Lean sytems as a way of life in improving our standards on a continuous basis through regular training programs for our team members.

Our R&D department is continuously working to meet the customer challenges and intraduce new products to exceed the customer expectation.

We undertake projects to improve the productivity of the wire drawing companies. Our technical team will visit the drawing plant, study the drawing conditions and historical data. Then we will discuss, make simple corrections and conduct trials to improve the overall efficiency of the drawing plant and not just the die life. Guaranteed results.
Contact for details: info@mikrotek.org
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